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Discover the mission, vision, and values of GoodNews World TV Networks, as mandated by Prophet Uebert Angel.

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About us

GoodNews World TV Networks is dedicated to spreading the GoodNews of God’s Grace to a global audience, reaching over 1 billion people in more than 100 countries. We produce quality programming based on Biblical Christian principles as taught by our Man of God CIC Prophet Uebert Angel, demonstrations of God’s power, International Prophecies, exciting youth programs, and family-friendly content.


Our mission at GoodNews World TV Networks is to broadcast the EUANGELION which is the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations, offering hope, encouragement, and spiritual growth to viewers worldwide through the GoodNews Revelation of our Highly Esteemed CIC Prophet Uebert Angel. We are committed to expanding our reach, enhancing production quality, and deepening our impact on individuals and communities, all in service of spreading the message of God’s love and grace to all corners of the earth.

Our main goal is to spread the GoodNews Revelation EUANGELION as taught by Prophet Uebert Angel to all nations through TV Networks.


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